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      „OKRĄGLAK” Roundhouse in Piła – the society of group of citizens of Piła established in the spring of 2007.

The main objective of aforementioned society is the utilization of inactive monumental XIX-century roundhouse.

      The building of roundhouse in Pila is dated for 1870-1874 period and it is related to intensive development of railways in Prussian territory. That particular roundhouse became standard for buildings of the same type in Europe thanks to application of atypical architectonic solutions. It was suspended out of regular use in 90s of XX century and thus it lapsed in oblivion after many years of activity.

      The group of citizens of Pila undertook the task to rescue that monumental object. They strive for making the roundhouse tourist showplace through the restoration of railway functions. They also created the concept of utilization of roundhouse in Pila. The group of citizens of Pila encourages private and public entities to cooperate in that matter to preserve the roundhouse for future generations.








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