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According to our society's constitution, these are our aims, as follows:


- Protection and usage of Piła's roundhouse building complex, which is part of           European history of rail architecture

 -Protection of other rail monuments and high-heritage elements

-Development of awareness of technical culture and rail heritage

- Support for actions of owners centered on technical heritage.

 - Development of technical culture, technical traditions and technical knowledge

- Promotion of the town of Piła, Piła poviat, and Northern Greater Poland

- Promotion of tourism and active forms of entertainment

- Educational, cultural and scientific activity connected to protection of technical heritage



These aims are realized in ways, as follows:


- Cooperating with governmental institutions, other societies and private firms, mass media etc.

- Inspiring and developing civil initiative, which is conducive to our society aims

- Accumulating financial assets

- Providing educational courses and supportive presentations, organizing cultural tourist events.

- Gathering information, promotion, education and research.

- Taking part in initiatives with the city and the region

- Cooperating with country and worldwide organizations.


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