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 'Parowozownia Pilska Okrąglak' Society is an initiative of citizens of Piła, who are interested in history of the old engine-house . As the result of the discussion carried out in 'Dawna Pila' forum, the first meeting of people who would like to save the building took place in the summer, 2006. The autumn and winter were the time of preparing strategy and legal base of Society actions. At that time we were also looking for people ready for co-operation. All those actions resulted in registering the society in local court. Next Society operations were aimed to interest media, people and companies with old engine-house, which may prove helpful to the condition of this old and historic object.

'Parowozownia Pilska OKRĄGLAK' Society is a group of young people, who are enthusiastic, but also of older ones, connected with polish railway. Their knowledge and involvement allows them to save one of few monuments in our town. But their idea is not only to save 19th century building, but also to activate citizens of Piła and to improve our town's image.


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