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The roundhouse in Piła is located in the town centre; town of Piła is situated in the northwest area of Poland. Indisputably, the town asset is the presence of: rail routes, tourist routes (walking, cycling, canoeing), road tracks. The sports airfield is also situated near the town. The utilization of Noteć for purposes of developing river tourism is planned in the perspective. The restoration of roundhouse in Pila could emphasize tourist advantages of Pila in very interesting way.

Because of large usable area, buildings of engine-house can be used in many ways which complement each other. Placement of the workshops servicing
monumental trains accompanied by railway museum can emphasize railway heritage of this building. Proximity of river Gwda speaks for locating canoe harbor there. Atypical architectonic solutions can be good place for artistic workshop. Its siting in the town centre at the convergence of bicycle routes urges on organizing there bicycle rental facility. Everything could be accompanied by accommodation and catering facility. Any other solutions are also acceptable only if they serve emphasizing tourist and cultural assets of this place.

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Taking this huge undertaking into consideration we invite every entity to cooperate. Your involvement, your knowledge and your experience as well as your capital will surely help to make roundhouse in Piła a true pearl of architecture.







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